"Start children off on the right path.
And even when they are old, they will not turn away from it."

Proverbs 22:6 NIRV

In FCC Kids, it is our mission to walk along side parents to encourage and assist in helping your child develop a firm foundation of faith. Parents are the primary influencers in their child's life. In FCC Kids, we desire to work together and use the gifts, talents and wisdom God has given us to help your child nurture and grow a relationship with our Savior Jesus.  In FCC Kids, it's our goal to grow your child's relationship with Jesus in a loving, caring, and fun environment. We would love to have your child join us on Sunday mornings!
FCC Kids Mini Christmas Pageant 2021

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FCC Kids Services and Times

When you arrive...

FCC Kid's Check- in is your first stop. It opens 15 minutes prior to the start of services. Safety and security is of utmost importance. Each child is entered into our check-in system and a name tag and parent label is issued. There is an unique code assigned to the family that is printed on the child's tag and parent label. This allows our volunteers to safely match these codes to the parent and child at check out. For security purposes, we only release children if their family code matches the parent label.

After you check in...

Your child is now ready for his/her class! We have rooms from ages 6 weeks to 5th Grade. Accompany your child to their classroom door and into the care of the FCC Kids volunteers. You are welcome to step into the classroom to meet the leaders. If you would like to stay and observe the class or Praise and Worship, please ask to speak with our Children's Director, Dacia Lambert.

sunday mornings at 8:30am

Our 8:30am FCC Kids Sunday School is an opportunity for your child to develop
their skills in fundamental Bible basics through fun game play, crafts, and interactive bible storytelling.

Sunday Mornings at 10AM  

Our 10am Praise and Worship is an engaging and fun celebration of all that God does in and through our lives.
Kids will  sing, dance, meet interesting characters who share stories from the Bible, play awesome games
and crank up their knowledge during small groups!

Preschool Worship (Birth-Pre-K)

In our Nursery, Toddler, and Preschool classrooms, children from birth to Pre-K will experience a simple curriculum full of fun and wonder in a safe and loving environment. We consider it a joy and privilege to walk alongside parents in helping to form your child’s beginning foundation in faith and understanding of our wonderful God.  Check out our Preschool Worship and learn this month's song, "Everyone, Everywhere".

Elementary Worship (K-5th)

In our Elementary, kids get a little bigger bite out of the Bible as they learn how to apply what they learn to their everyday lives. We love sharing the gospel with them and helping them learn to live it out and share it with others. This series in Praise and Worship is all about how being on God's team makes life better! Check out this week's video.

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