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So, you’ve started a relationship with Jesus, been baptized, cleansed of your sins, redeemed, restored, and made new and alive in Christ. So, you ask the question, what now? What does it look like to follow Him as Lord, Master, and Savior, to be a disciple of Jesus Christ?

We invite you to come along with us on this journey to see the beauty of God’s creation along Route 66 and discover the beauty of an intimate relationship with Jesus. In this six-session video series, we will follow Pastor Jason as he stops along six key points along Route 66 to discuss six key points of discipleship and what it means to live in the freedom of Christ.

There is an accompanying guide that follows along with each video.

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Route 66 in-person classes

FCC is offering opportunities to study the Route 66 Discipleship class in-person on Sunday mornings.

Route 66 Discipleship will be offered:
  • Sundays, April 14-28 (Sessions 1-3), May 5 (Session 4), & May 19-26 (Session 5 & 6) at 8:30am
  • Sundays, October 15-17 (Sessions 1-3) & November 5-17 (Sessions 4-6) at 8:30am

Please register below. Indicate which class dates works best for you. One registration per person.

We look forward to traveling this special road together with you!

Route 66 | Session 1: The Bible

Join Pastor Jason Pace as we start our Route 66 Journey in Chicago, Illinois. Jason begins by looking at the foundation of this journey, the Bible, emphasizing its role in teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness. He details the structure and characteristics of the Bible, from its division into the Old and New Testaments to its long authorship period and its varied languages and writing styles. Pastor Jason stresses the Bible's practical aspects, likening it to a map that guides us spiritually. Further, he elaborates on the transformative power of God's word and its essential role in spiritual nourishment.

Route 66 | Session 2: Prayer

Welcome to our first stop on this journey, the Gateway Arch in St. Luis. Here, Pastor Jason discusses the importance of prayer in our relationship with God. He uses the Gateway Arch to symbolize how prayer serves as a gateway to connecting with God. Through the story of Adam and Eve, he explains that sin separated humanity from God, but Jesus reconciles us to Him. He emphasizes that we should pray directly to God and breaks down the components of prayer using the acronym "Pray." Pastor Jason highlights the power of prayer to bring rest, guidance, and miracles and encourages the development of a daily prayer rhythm.

Route 66 | Session 3: Serving

Join Pastor Jason at his third stop along Route 66 at the Cadillac Ranch just outside Amarillo, Texas. Here, Jason emphasizes the significant role of serving on our spiritual journey to becoming disciples of Jesus. He illustrates how every believer, using their unique gifts, talents, and resources, contributes to the beauty of the body of Christ, much like a piece of art. Drawing on Jesus's humble act of washing his disciples' feet, Jason highlights selflessness and service as key. Serving is a path to surrendering to Jesus while reflecting the benevolent nature of God. This embodies a healthy spiritual lifestyle. Serving allows individuals to express their love for God and others while contributing to the church's unity and functioning.

Route 66 | Session 4: SHaring

Join Pastor Jason Pace at the Grand Canyon as we continue on our journey along Route 66. Here, Jason draws a parallel between the awe-inspiring transformation of landscapes by natural forces and the transformation of human lives through divine intervention. He emphasized that yielding to Jesus allows one's life to be shaped into something more beautiful than a man could imagine. Through sharing the good news of Jesus, God can be glorified and love can be shared.

Route 66 | Session 5: stewardship

Come along with Pastor Jason as he stops by the Hoover Dam along our journey down Route 66. It is here that Jason explains that stewardship is our relationship with God in relation to His possessions. He emphasizes two foundational principles: ownership and lordship. The ownership principle recognizes that everything belongs to God and is given to us temporarily to care for. The lordship principle emphasizes that we are called to care for God's possessions and to be generous givers. Pastor Jason encourages listeners to trust God in their financial journey and to take steps toward being good stewards of His resources.

Route 66 | Session 6: Remaining

We have finally reached the end of our journey down the famous Route 66! It is here at Santa Monica Pier that Pastor Jason talks about his sixth key point of discipleship, remaining. He emphasizes the importance of staying connected to Christ for spiritual growth and bearing fruit. Jason explores the practice of fasting as a means to strengthen one's connection with God. He also encourages building intimate relationships with other believers for accountability and growth. Jason concludes this journey with practical steps to invest in spiritual growth and a reminder of God's limitless plans and blessings.